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The Cracks Irish & American Original Roots 

The Cracks: Craic means fun in Irish, and you say it the same.
Harmony vocals, intricate guitars, screaming harmonica, and smack-the-house snare shots.

Over 15 years touring New York, Dublin, Central America, the Caribbean, South America,
Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, India, Fiji, and the Micronesian Islands.

Music - Dublin & New York style

Rooted in fine Southern blues and down home Dublin intensity, The Cracks range stylistically
from Muddy Waters and the Dubliners to Cole Porter, New Orleans Louis Armstrong, swing Django and reggae Marley.

Somebody better call 911 ‘cause you guys are on fire!
— Steve Kelly, drummer/songwriter, Houston, Texas

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Spoke Too Soon  A jaunty flight in a dapper style. Click to play!

On The Full Moon...such a magical sight. 
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Sitting On Top Of The World...mighty fine,  
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About The Cracks


Stephen Kavanagh

When Dylan first met Stephen and heard his songs, he couldn't figure out why he wasn't famous already. Once you hear his music, you may wonder the same thing.

Dylan Vaughn

Dylan grew up a family of music lovers: His dad played cool jazz music snare drum with the stereo; and his granddad George Vaughn was first reed player in the New York Radio City Music Hall of the 30s and 40's.

Some Tracks by the Cracks

Good Things  are always just around the bend. 

Old Train Whistle deep in the night, crying in the distance,

More from The Cracks


Spoke Too Soon (The Kitchen Tapes) Bootleg basement style.   Click to Play!

Hank William's I'm Satisfied With You (The Kitchen Tapes) - Cracks style.

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