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Mardon & Vaughn
Violin, Guitars, Vocals

Ian Mardon:  Canada’s legendary fiddler in the grand cajun fiddle tradition

Dylan Vaughn, New York:  vocals, guitars, ukulele, mandolin

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High on a Mountain

Bowing the Strings LIVE

Tour Dates 2019

Saturday  23 February,  5:00 pm in Schwann bei Rostock  

Friday 15 March, 9:00 pm in LOLA Hamburg

Sunday 17 March, St. Patrick’s Day, 8:00pm in, Grünspan, Hamburg for NDR Radio

Saturday 18 May, 8:00pm Burghof Rethem

Wednesday 19 June, 3:30pm Hamburg-Neuwiedenthal

Sunday 23 June, 4:00pm Kulturzentrum Lurop, Hamburg-Lurop

Friday 28 June, 8:00pm Kloster Wienhausen

New & Traditional Music over 20 years

New & Traditional Music over 20 years


New Lightning Folk     Irish &  American Hits     Old Time Fiddle Music
Renaissance  &  Film Music


Versatile and inventive, they delivered a terrific sound - many of the pieces were either originals or arranged by them - and their repertoire is inexhaustible...One hold’s one’s breath at how much energy can be released from one of such small stature..
— Neue Westfälische Newspaper
Their commentaries and explanations are just as entertaining and refreshing as their musical interpretations...
— Der Patriot, Lippenstadt Newspaper

More Mardon & Vaughn Video

The Walls of Lyscarroll

Dylan and Ian play The Walls of Lyscarroll.  

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Growlin' Ol' Man Growlin' Ol' Woman

Arranged by Dylan and Ian, played  live in Hamburg 2013

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About Mardon & Vaughn

Ian Mardon

Ian Mardon grew up in Halifax, Canada in a musical family.  A child prodigy, he has been playing violin since the age of four. When he was six, he fell backwards onto his violin and  broke it.
But he went on to become a child violin star on Canadian ATV Television for the Maritime Provinces, playing old time fiddle.
Today, he actively organises and performs with several classical chamber music ensembles, orchestras and duos, and a heavy metal band, Dilechmoor.   

Ian is an outstanding composer in all the genres he plays in, including new classical, folk and traditional styles.


Dylan Vaughn

Dylan is the composer and music producer of  London West End's The Twits,  and  the water circus  Crescend’O in Disneyland Paris. He wrote the music for the Steiff Musical celebrating “100 Years of Teddy Bears,Teddyund  he co-wrote for Timber Tee, the first Internet Golf Club for kids.

He has been a player for shows like  A Chorus LineLittle Shop of HorrorsCatsStarlight Express, & West Side Story. He's was the guitarist for TV's  Sesame Street  and has recorded numerous jingles. He has appeared often as guest artist with the Hamburger Symphoniker.


Some Ian and Dylan Performances

'A Walk in the Country'

Sumari Searcher live...I think we found it.

Listen to the new CD!  A Walk In The Country


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